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Looking down upon the world from the Sky Palace, the Trinity Empire conquered Mobius and turned its citizens to robots. The three commanders were put in charge of dealing with the last remnants of the Freedom Fighters; the three were made up of two members of the Trinity which the Empire was named after, and one additional member which had joined the Empire later. The Empire controlled a waste and almost endless army of machines.

The Empire utilized its army in the best ways possible, throwing them at the frontlines to kill and die, while the few with actually free will just overlook the enslaved ones making more combat robots. The Sky Palace, also known as the Machine Palace float above the ruins of Metropolis, and has several factories spread around the world, while all else gets turned to wasteland.

The wasteland covered about 60% of Mobius, and is without order. Freedom Fighters might be hiding in any cranny or crock the might find, though there wasteland might hold more danger than Imperial Army. Thousands upon thousands of robots live among the stones and dirty. Most common are the Gobots, a series of mass produced Goblin like robots created mostly as prototypes and thrown away like broken toys.

30% of Mobius includes the Trinity Empire's factory cities and military bases. All easily controlled from the Sky Palace, and administrated by the Emperor and Three Commanders. The mass produced unite known as the Phantom Galleons make up most of the residences in this region. In truth the Empire wouldn't lose anything from just having the Galleons.

The last 10% holds the last remainders of free, lush jungle and forest territory. It is here that the last organic creatures take refuge, and it gets assaulted almost daily by Imperial Forces.
A part of a bio I wrote for the Trinity Empire, this is how Mobius turned out under The Trinity's rule.
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November 28, 2012
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